Avatar: The Way of Water Trailer Breakdown

Today 20th Century Fox officially released the teaser trailer for Avatar: The Way of Water online after it played exclusively in theaters over the weekend. It’s a short teaser, but it gives us the first look at the long-awaited sequel, and here’s a scene-by-scene breakdown of what we think the trailer is revealing.

Some of this is speculation and will obviously end up being incorrect, but based on watching the trailer countless times, here is our analysis:

Spider and what is likely Neteyam, Lo’ak, and Tuktirey at the Hallelujah Mountains.
Jake and his family flying on Ikran over the shallow sea. Multiple large marine creatures can be seen.
Our first look at Jake.
The Ikran fly to what is most likely the home of the Metkayina.
Ikran fly over shallow coastal pools. Metkayina can be seen below.
A Metkayina announces their arrival.
A Metkayina free diver named Kiri. First assumption is that this is Tsireya, however this character shows up again in the trailer which leads many to believe she’s someone else…
Two Avatars with a human looking at construction. Notice the new exoskeleton the human is using to match the height of the Avatars.
A Scorpion gunship takes off with the two Avatars inside.
Jake and Neytiri’s children find the Avatars in the jungle.
Likely Neteyam and Lo’ak look upon the Avatars.
The two Avatars. The one in front sure looks familiar…
Spider facing off against the Avatars with Tuk behind him.
Here’s Kiri again. This shot almost matches a leaked filming photo of Sigourney Weaver hanging onto a diver being propelled under water like that creature. This leads some to believe this is her new character.
Jake’s family enters a very Pandora environment.
Jake, Neteyam (probably), Neytiri and a mystery Metkayina.
Another mystery Metkayina. Could this be Varang?
The mystery Metkayina who was with Jake’s family. Could this be Kate Winslet as Ronal?
This appears to be Neteyam with a Tulkun.
Even the sea creatures on Pandora are arthropods.
The Metkayina. That is likely Tonowari there.
Spider and one of his siblings dive into water.
That familiar looking Avatar again. Could this be Quaritch?
This looks like Neteyam again, and something bad has happened.
Jake comforts three of his kids.
This looks like Neytiri and Tuk being overtaken by water.
A continuation of the previous Tulkun shot, but notice the water wall, showing Pandora’s unique gravitational features
Tonowari and the Metkayina prepare for battle.
Jake on a new type of sea creature headed for attack.
Another look at Jake as he speaks the only dialog in the trailer.
And the trailer ends with another look at Neytiri.

We’re obviously going to see another trailer and a lot more footage before Avatar: The Way of Water releases on December 16th, and Outpost Pandora will be here to cover all of it for you.