Way of Water Trailer Leaks Show Avatar Demand Exists

With it being thirteen years since the first Avatar, the Internet’s snarky attempt to spread FUD about the sequels is the claim that no one cares about the movies enough to see them. The release of the first teaser trailer for The Way of Water this weekend in theaters with Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness seems to be throwing some cold water on that claim.

There have been reports of theaters cheering the short teaser when it was shown, and there seems to be a very pent up demand for it on the internet. The decision was made to hold an online release of the trailer until next week so people could see it the way it was intended; on the big screen and in 3D. This being 2022, that means it would naturally make its way online regardless.

Earlier in the week as Doctor Strange began its international roll out and preview screenings, a phone recording of the trailer began to show up online. Of course Disney was quick to have it pulled down from YouTube and social media with copyright claims, but it’s still out there on some alternative video sharing sites. Worse for the official release next week is now a high bitrate 4K version of the trailer that is being shared quietly via could drive links. It’s unknown how that leaked, but some speculation on social media is an international branch of the marketing accidentally posted it somewhere early.

Sure, part of the desire to see the trailer is curiosity after thirteen years, but people seem to be blown away by it meaning those hoping that no one cares enough about Avatar to go see a sequel will probably need to find something else to attack the movies over this December.

We’ll have a detailed breakdown and analysis of the teaser trailer here on Outpost Pandora once Fox officially releases it online in the coming days.