When Will the Second Avatar: The Way of Water Trailer Arrive?

As we head into September, Avatar fans are eagerly awaiting another look at James Cameron’s sequel The Way of Water following the first teaser trailer months ago. The movie arrives in theaters in December, which means fans are starting to become a little antsy waiting for another look. When could we see the second trailer? There are a couple of different options and scenarios to consider.

The first is that Disney is holding their big D23 Expo in Anaheim two weeks from now. While it’s not officially confirmed that Avatar will have a presence there, it would be a shock if Disney doesn’t use their big studios panel to promote not only the re-release of the original Avatar in September, but also its highly-anticipated sequel coming in December. Unlike other conventions, it’s very rare for Disney to release any footage shown at D23 Expo to the public, but that could change if they debut the new trailer to the crowd there. This is the most likely option and the one most people are hoping for, but there are still scenarios to consider just to avoid disappointment if it doesn’t arrive in two weeks from now.

If the D23 Expo attendees do get to see the new Way of Water trailer and they don’t release it online during the convention, it’s almost a guarantee that we’ll see it in theaters on September 23rd with the re-release of the original Avatar.

With that in mind there is still one final possibly to consider. The first teaser trailer for The Way of Water was released exclusively in theaters and was not released online until people were able to witness it on the big screen the way Cameron intends it to be seen. It’s always possible that they will do the same with the full trailer for The Way of Water and we’ll have to see it in theaters with the Avatar re-release before seeing it at home.

Whichever of those scenarios play out, it’s almost a certainty that we’ll see new footage of Avatar: The Way of Water at some point in September.