Avatar’s Re-Release Features a Scene From The Way of Water

Those headed to the theater this weekend to see the re-release of James Cameron’s original Avatar will be treated to a special clip from this December’s Avatar: The Way of Water.

If you already purchased your ticket, you may have noticed that the runtime is a bit different. It’s not due to this being the extended cut of Avatar, but there are some minor changes to the ending of the movie.

A new line was added for Selfridge as he and the humans are leaving Pandora. He looks at Jake and says, “You know this isn’t over.” A small thing to set up the human’s return to Pandora in the sequel. Then, the movie has a new credits sequence similar to modern Marvel movies with rendered titles, which leads into a clip from Avatar: The Wayof Water where a Tulkun with a harpoon in its fin is helped by Lo’ak, who then swims with him.

Following that mid-credits tease of the sequel, the normal credits with “I See You” continue.