The Way of Water Trailer Hints at Jake’s Place on Pandora

This week’s new trailer for Avatar: The Way of Water kept most plot details closely guarded, but there are some interesting hints at how things have gone for Jake in the thirteen years since he became One of the People.

There’s a moment in the trailer where Lo’ak is talking to Reya and says all they see is an outcast while holding up his four-fingered hand. This proposes an interesting theory as to how the Na’vi view Jake and his family in the thirteen years since he helped them send the Sky People home.

As Jake is an Avatar body he is a human-Na’vi hybrid with four-fingered hands compared to the native Na’vi who only have three fingers. Due to his human DNA, some of Jake and Neytiri’s children have inherited this, as Lo’ak is showing Reya in the trailer.

Now this is only speculation based on the footage we’ve seen of Jake and his family traveling in the first trailer and now the “outcast” line in this trailer, but it may be that due to his human traits; Jake and his family are indeed outcasts without a tribe of their own. That could be what sends them in the journey they’re on when the sequel begins.

It’s certainly an interesting idea for Cameron to take the story in that direction. Jake being seen as an outcast by the rest of the Na’vi would strengthen the theme of family with his and Neytiri’s children, both their biological children and the ones they adopted. Jake would be forming his own tribe.

Again, just speculation and we’ll only have another month to wait before Cameron shows us what he has planned for Pandora.