Avatar: The Way of Water Earns an ‘A’ CinemaScore

Those jaded, hateful, people on the internet who have been hoping for James Cameron’s Avatar sequels to fail just so they can feel something in their sad lives may have just faced yet another big setback to their hopes and dreams. The cinema survey company CinemaScore, which surveys moviegoers on opening night showings on their way out of the theater, has revealed the score that Avatar: The Way of Water has earned, and it’s good news for the movie’s potential success.

According to people who actually watched Avatar: The Way of Water in theaters (as opposed to internet trolls posting fake reviews after not seeing it), the movie has earned an “A” CinemaScore:

For those wondering, this is the exact same score the original movie earned back in 2009. That movie went on, and continues to be, the highest grossing movie in history. A high CinemaScore usually bodes well for word of mouth and repeat viewings. Meaning those crossing their fingers that the movie will “flop” will probably have to move on to hating some other movie coming out.