Jon Landau Confirms a Time Jump in Avatar 4

For a while Avatar fans online have been digging into quotes and comments from James Cameron about the sequels beyond The Way of Water. One of these comments that has been spread around deals with a time jump in the fourth movie early in the script where things flash forward many years and Jake and Neytiri’s children are much older.

Now that time jump has been officially confirmed by Jon Landau who told Deadline at the premiere of Avatar: The Way of Water that they’ve filmed the first act of the fourth movie for logistical reasons as they needed to film the kids while they were younger:

He confirms that there’s a “time cut” after that point, and the earlier rumors were that it’s a pretty decent amount of time where the kids age quite a bit after that point in the script. What that means for Jake and Neytiri isn’t known yet, but having their family grow up over the course of the series does fit with Cameron turning the Avatar films into his own Godfather-style generational family saga.

The third Avatar is already filmed, and now we know at least a third of the fourth is done as well. It wouldn’t make much sense for them to not finish the rest of it, despite chatter about the fourth and fifth possibly not happening…